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Tox-free Bathroom Makeover

When you're starting the transition to eco-friendly, tox-free, ethical beauty, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. In this blog post, I'm going to give you some tips on making the transition, plus tell you some of my favourite tried and true eco brands for each type of bathroom essential.

But first, why change over to a tox-free bathroom?

  1. 1. For your health - by default, most personal care products are loaded with toxic ingredients. Our skin can become damaged and sensitised by these ingredients, and also has the ability to absorb many of them directly into the bloodstream. Carcinogens, neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors are almost guaranteed to be in your products if you aren't conscious of what you're using. Toxic products also damage our health through inhalation (ie. your favourite perfume might be harming people around you) and ingestion. Our bodies are already overwhelmed with the toxic load of pesticides, air pollutants, pharmaceuticals, water additives and more, which can contribute to many acute symptoms and chronic illnesses. Using tox-free products can not only reduce the burden on your system, but also actively improve the health of your skin and body through the inclusion of nutrient-rich, healing ingredients.

  2. For the animals - sadly, again by default, most personal care products are tested on animals. If you're buying mainstream and you don't see a leaping bunny logo, you can almost guarantee that brand is either torturing bunnies, or owned by a bigger company that does. Money talks, so send yours in the direction of compassionate companies so they can grow, and so the big ones might eventually change their ways.

  3. For the environment - personal care products create so much pollution. Toxic ingredients in our skincare and body washes end up in the waterways where they can harm marine life. Did you know those little blue beads in face scrubs are pieces of plastic, that go on to kill the creatures who ingest them? And those ever-lingering perfumes contain Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) - toxic ingredients that never break down, but simply travel through the air and water. Plastic packaging and disposable products (think toothbrushes, razor heads, cotton bud sticks) are highly unnecessary and we need to move away from this childish lack of responsibility immediately. There are so many great alternatives available now. The products I've listed are all better than average products, though some do still come packaged in a type of plastic. The best ones are those that can be reused over and over or are packaged in glass (which not only is best for the environment but also safer health wise, since fats and oils can dissolve plastic and contaminate the product over time).

  4. For your wallet, time and peace of mind - some of these products are a one-time investment that will last you for years before you ever have to replace or run out of them.

  5. For the joy of it - most natural products smell divine, and feel amazing on the skin. You'll feel like you're having a spa experience going about your everyday self care routines, and you can feel wonderful about using these products knowing they are doing you and the world a whole lot of good.

There are a few different approaches to making the transition, and as with all things in life, you should go with what feels the best for you.

  1. The all or nothing approach: You can throw everything out and buy new.

  2. The gradual transition: Replace each item as it runs out, with a better alternative.

  3. Prioritise based on toxicity level: You might like to immediately replace the most toxic products (nail polish remover, aerosol deodorant, perfume) or the ones that cover the largest surface area (body moisturiser, fake tan) or that you use most often or leave on the body longest (hand soap, deodorant, moisturiser).

To help you get started, here are some of my favourite product brands for each category of personal care products. There are so many amazing high quality brands now. These are just some of the ones I've personally tried and love:

Liquid hand soap Vasse Virgin, Dr Bronner's

Cake soap Back to Basics, Corrynne's, Vasse Virgin

Hand cream Weleda, Madara

Skincare Elemental Herbology, Botani, Mukti Organics, Inika Organic, ABFE Love System, Madara, Corrynne's, Ere Perez

Skin healing oils Free Spirit Love Oils

Cotton pads Ever Eco (washable, reusable)

Cotton buds Eco Beauty Tools (bamboo handles)

Toothbrushes Grant's, Biome, Green + Kind (bamboo),

Toothpaste My Magic Mud, Grant's, Grin

Body wash Dr Bronner's castile soap, Weleda

Body scrub Frank body (coffee scrub), DIY - mix sugar and olive oil together for a quick easy scrub

Body moisturiser Coconut oil, jojoba oil, Weleda (body oils or moisturisers)

Fake tan Eco Tan

Razors Parker (just replace the blades)

Deodorant Botanika (roll on), Black Chicken Remedies, No Pong, Corrynne's (pastes)

Perfume Star Sign Scents (EDT in a pretty bottle), Plants + Passion, Vrindavan (rollers)

Nail polish Sienna Byron Bay (free of worst toxins), Honeybee Gardens (water-based, lowest tox)

Nail polish remover Honeybee Gardens (no toxic smell)

Shampoo and conditioner EverEscents, Sodashi

Feminine hygiene TOM Organic, Organyc (pads and tampons), hannahpad (washable eco pads), Modibodi (period underwear), Lunette (moon cup)

Toilet paper Who Gives A Crap (plastic free packaging, recycled, 50% of profits go to build toilets for those in need)

I get a lot of my products online, from Beautiful Because and Flora and Fauna. To learn more about where to buy these products, take a peek at my video on where I get mine. (In the video I talk more about makeup, but I get most of my bathroom products from the same stores).

What are your favourite eco friendly products? Please leave a comment below with your favourites, or let me know if you've tried any of the above.

Stay beautiful! x

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