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Healthy beauty basics

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

When people ask me for health  and beauty advice, often they expect a miracle supplement or skin elixir. While nutritional supplementation, herbal medicines and organic beauty products can yield incredible results, there are a few things we need to chat about first.

In my naturopathic consultations I ask lots of questions about my client’s diet and lifestyle, as well as their symptoms of concern and wellness goals. What I usually find is that there is room for improvement in the foundational areas of health and beauty care, and these things need to be addressed early on to ensure long term health. I’m certainly guilty of disregarding some of these basics too – naturopaths are human! – but sometimes all it takes is a good reminder that the simplest things are often the most powerful. Simple doesn’t mean easy though, so take it one at a time and be gentle on yourself! Below I’ve listed some basic things we all know we should do, but sometimes slip out of the habit. Keep in mind these are very broad generalisations and each individual has slightly different needs when it comes to quantities – you may need more or less. Which areas do you need to focus on?


Drink 2 litres+ of water daily

Filter your water or choose spring water

Sleep for 7+ hours every night

Make sure your room is dark and quiet enough at night and ideally lets in morning sunlight

No caffeine at night time! (If caffeine makes you sleepy, we have a problem.)

Eat 5+ serves of vegetables every day (This is so important and yet the majority of Aussies fail miserably at this!)

Eat 2+ serves of fruit every day

Exercise for 30+ minutes per day

Warm up before, and cool down after exercising

Take 10+ minutes for dedicated relaxation/me time every day (Vino doesn’t count!)

Spend 15+ minutes daily in the sunshine, in a natural setting with your feet on the earth

Make sure you have a good support network and dedicate time to your social life

Don’t stay in a job, relationship or household you hate

Take steps to ensure you have enough money (STRESS is deadly and contributes to every single disease process. In my clinic, the most common causes of stress I hear are people’s jobs, living situations and finances. I can provide medicines to alleviate the toll of the stress but treating the cause will get you there far quicker.)


Cleanse and moisturise every morning and night

Shower or bath every day, and brush your teeth every morning and night

Moisturise your body after every shower/bath

Always take your makeup off before going to bed

Wash your personal makeup brushes at least once every two weeks

Don’t share mascara, lip products or other liquid makeups with your besties

Ok so, it’s quite a list! These really are the non-negotiable basic basics that you need to master as a priority if you want to achieve and maintain optimal health in body, mind and soul. If you’re struggling with health problems or wanting to prevent future illness, take a moment to consider which areas of your life are contributing negatively, and what small changes you could make that will have the biggest impacts on your health. x

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