Nutra Organics Velvet Latte

Nutra Organics Velvet Latte

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This delicious beetroot chai infusion makes a beautiful vibrant pink latte. Naturally sweet with subtle Ayurvedic chai spices, this blend is a perfect harmony of flavour and nutrition. Enjoy heated with your choice of milk, or chilled on ice for a summer refreshment. No added sugar. 

Chai spices are traditionally used to inspire a perception of wellness & tranquility through their aromatic scent. Beetroot contains naturally occurring antioxidant pigment compounds called betacyanins. Turmeric is antiinflammatory, antioxidant and anticancer, enabling to promote skin health and overall body healing.

  • Ingredients

    Beetroot Powder* (87%), Turmeric Powder* (7%) (5% Curcumin), Ginger Powder*, Cardamom Powder, Ground Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean Powder*, Cayenne Pepper*, Black Pepper.

    *Certified Organic by Organic Food Chain

  • Directions

    Add one heaped teaspoon (3 g) to a little heated or chilled milk, stir to combine. Then add the remaining milk to make 200 ml. If you would like it stronger, add two teaspoons.

    Also combines beautifully with raw cacao powder.



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